5 Benefits of Honey, Boosts the Immune System when the Corona Virus Pandemic

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5 Benefits of Honey, Boosts the Immune System when the Corona Virus Pandemic

PASUNDAN POST ■ Honey has been used as traditional medicine since ancient times because it has various health benefits. During the corona virus pandemic, consuming honey can also be an alternative to anticipate so as not to be exposed to the virus that was first discovered in Wuhan, China.

Honey, one of the drinks that can boost the immune system. By consuming pure honey, you will have a strong immune system.

The corona virus will easily attack someone who has a low immune system. In essence, drinking honey can keep your immune system stronger.

Reporting from SehatQ, honey has been proven to be good for health and has abundant benefits.

Apart from being delicious, this sweet liquid produced by bees is also rich in flavonoids and polyphenol antioxidants.

Pure honey has a variety of nutrients in it, such as sugar, carbohydrates, vitamin C, B vitamins, amino acids, iron, zinc, and potassium.

Honey is also suitable for consumption by all age groups, children to the elderly, men and women.

Here are some of the goodness and benefits of honey, one of the drinks anticipating being infected with COVID-19, as we summarize from various sources.

1. Increase the Immune System

Honey has antioxidant properties that can protect the body from free radical attack that causes various diseases. It has been proven that consuming honey can boost the immune system.

Honey is able to stimulate the body to produce immune cells and the body's metabolism will become stronger. Honey also has a function to fight bacteria and viruses in the body.

 2. Energy Sources

The next benefit of honey is as a source of energy to support daily activities. Regularly consuming honey has the effect of having more enthusiastic activities.

Honey contains natural sugars, namely fructose and glucose. Apart from that, honey also contains iron, potassium, and calcium which can strengthen the bones and muscles of the body.

3. Relieves Coughs and Colds

One of the common symptoms of the corona virus is a dry cough and sore throat. By consuming honey, it is believed to be able to relieve symptoms of inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Honey becomes an alternative medicine when someone has the flu. Honey has been shown to relieve coughs and colds and relieve inflammation of the respiratory tract.

The antioxidant, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of honey are useful for fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause flu symptoms.

4. Helps Heal Wounds

The next benefit of honey is that it can help heal moderate burns and surgical wounds due to infections. The use of honey as an alternative medicine is very effective in treating wounds on the feet of diabetics who are at risk for amputation.

It is very easy, after cleaning the wound, apply honey to the wound area. Apply honey 2-3 times a day until the wound heals.

Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as a wound healer. Honey is also able to provide nutrients to the tissue around the wound.

5. Maintain Healthy Skin

Honey has a myriad of benefits, one of which is able to maintain the health of the body's skin. The use of honey can help the skin become more moist and remove dead skin cells.

In addition, honey is also able to treat blackheads, black spots, and acne scars. The skin will appear smoother and smoother when using honey.

Regular use of honey is believed to be able to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and premature aging.

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